Finding a new home can be a tedious task if you consider a number of key factors when buying one. We can make your sound finance decisions fit in with our quality homes.

A Different Home-purchasing Experience

We don't singly dwell on the idea of our customers looking for suburban McMansions type of housing. Categorically, we offer new homes located in urban areas that are close to key locations such as workplace and school district. Our 30 years of experience will guarantee a good structure and quality interior design of your homes.

From Single Family Homes to Large Homes

Our varied list of new homes and home builders allows you to match your family needs without taking risk of the financial aspects. Our service also ensures quality aesthetics, good foundation and landscaping towards your new home.

Qualities of a New Home

I think what I appreciate most has been Gary's and my easy working relationship. Gary is always ready to examine a project and is prompt to get back an estimate. I am much indebted to him for his good advice and for keeping our property projects cost-effective and within budget.

William G. Wheatley
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